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Sex doesn’t have to come with strings attached. The picking of who and where on a moment’s whim is the ultimate control. No names, no exchanging of numbers, and repeat encounters are most definitely out of the question.

by Ellie Meade
Publication Date: December 15, 2015
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Adult

Maneater.Ebook (1)


Keeping life simple and forthright are Ivy’s daily goals. She believes love is for the weak and naive. A vexatious burden she chooses to avoid. The notorious, cutthroat CEO of Hardt Beat Fashion Magazine refuses to waste her time on people who don’t serve a purpose.

When Ivy enters a seductive new club looking for her next brief hook up, she collides with Greyson—the biggest paradox she has ever encountered. He’s out to live life to the fullest. Hot women, bottle service, and blood-pumping music is a nightly occurrence for the skilled, headlining DJ.

At first touch, they have nothing in common but skin-biting, adrenaline-filled, mind-shattering sex. Is that enough for a repeat performance? Their palpable pull is a new experience for the casual twosome. And Greyson’s erotic pursuit makes it difficult for Ivy to initially say no.

When their attraction constrains Ivy’s glass-like exterior, she insists on creating ground rules. Rules are made for protection, but as we all know, rules are also made to be broken, and Greyson won’t stop till he breaks every single one.

Reviewed by MHK

The Greyson Effect

 Warning:  The content in this book is extremely arousing!

It’s well worth the sleepless night to stay up and devour this book.  A highly-arousing  red-hot smoking read! 

This is a story about a sexual predator that cruises bars, nightclubs and gyms looking for consensual one-night only sex.   Just like a predator hunts down its prey, a sexual predator “hunts” for their sexual partners.   

” My mantra of personal needs is simple; 

Sleep, work and fuck.  I am a hunter”


That’s the first line of the book.  Immediately, you will dig yourself under the covers, blankets, etc.; turn your ringer off and post a Do Not Disturb warning on all your social media accounts.  Maneater is not for the faint at heart! And the sexual predator is FeMale!

I just read the ultimate girl power romance book.  Yes, her tactics may be extreme.  They may even be offensive.  However, Ivy Hardt throws a one-two punch between the eyes, takes no prisoners and makes no apologies.   You must dislike her!

I did! I thought she was abrasive and a terror with no conscience.  She drew a very thin line between conceit and confidence.  

Under all that fire, Ivy is suffering from a broken heart.  Immediately you cast the sympathy card in her honor.   Then she meets Greyson.  

He immediately tries to break the holy grail of Ivy Hardt!  He has an uphill battle that will leave you with a metaphorically bruise here or there, but he makes it a mission to tame this shecat!  

Every page of this book was a treat to read.  It’s filled with love-hate characters and a kick-ass story line. Plus, the sex scenes are so descriptive and exact it’s like watching a porn movie.    Oops, am I allowed to say that? Ssh don’t tell anyone. 

5 KINK Review



I am a total book whore. I can’t get enough of my book boyfriends! Just when I think I’m totally in love with one of them, I start another book and fall in love again. It’s a vicious cycle, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am a reader first and a writer second. It has always been that way and I don’t ever plan on changing it. So if you are an author and would like me to read your work, please feel free to send it my way!!

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