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The way to your lover’s heart is not only through the stomach these days. It’s through your cellphone with sexting! The new way to keep the spark alive.

As an avid romance reader, we come across many books with uber sexy texts we wish we could receive on our personal cellphones.  

One day I will send these sexy texts! Yeah, probably not.  However, receiving them unexpectedly and out of the blue in inappropriate times can make you swoon and guarantee some smexy times later.  But I digress.

What’s a better time to sext your lover then early Sunday morning?  You’re lying in the bed, sheets tangled around your legs thinking about last night! It keeps you connected when you are not together.  It can be flirting, hooking up or a means to get excited for an upcoming visit.

So, it suddenly hits me while reading.  Let’s create a MEME of all the great sexts we come across in our good reads (pun intended) and post them each Sunday.  

I created a button you are welcome to use.  Anyone can participate as long as you:

✈ Share your link to the weekly post

✈ Visit others who have shared their link to the weekly post


SextingSunday Meme


The Sexting Sunday is a weekly MEME hosted by Lola @ Mile High KINK Book Club. It’s an opportunity to share uber sexy sexts from books read in the previous week.

Sext Ecards

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