🎊🎊I Am Atlas by Ella Emerson: 4KINK ARC Review🎊🎊



I Am Atlas : The Playing God Series, Book #1

Author: Ella Emerson
Publisher: Booktrope

Publication Date: November 20, 2015


Powerful, wealthy, wildly handsome
Atlas has it all: successful company, stunning penthouse, and all the
women and fun he could want.
But when he meets the brilliant,
graceful and mesmerizing Gwen, he is thunderstruck and wants to go to
great lengths to have her, even if it means breaking his own rules
and baring his secret soul.
When his livelihood is threatened by a
competing rival, he must prepare for a corporate battle. But, with
Gwen at his side he knows he will not lose.
But, what if she isn’t who he thought
she was? What if nothing is as it seems?
Will Atlas lose everything?
How far is one man willing to go for
the woman he loves?  

atlas review

 4.5 KINK Review

I was gifted a copy by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

To sleep. Perchance to dream.  Who is Atlas?

This one will leave you stunned! I AM ATLAS is a smart romance roaring with surprises, twists and turns.  It’s a propulsive, surprising and emotionally charged story.

Atlas grew up with no family and does not remember his last name.  He refers to himself as Atlas, just Atlas.  That makes him the driven successful billionaire today.  The story revolves around three (3) characters – a billionaire weapon’s manufacturer, the mysterious beautiful marketing director and senior executive best friend.

Atlas’ life is set to collide with a dangerous reality.  Someone is trying to derail his company. Aided by his best friend  Nick, Atlas must put the facts together against ruthless businessmen and questionable allies.   Senators, best friends and lovers go missing.  It all follows a trail to the mysterious Mr. Fox whose lethal and hidden motives have yet to reveal themselves.

Suspect Everything. Trust No One.

It’s the most satisfying story arc that I have come across to date.

In a last ditch effort to save Gwen; sacrificing himself …things get trippy! He remembers what makes life worth living. He realizes the most powerful force resting on his shoulders is not Chimera, Inc.……. but love and family.

The writing had a hiccup like referring to Gwen as “girl”.  I would  prefer the term “woman” but that’s just my personal quirks. However, I laughed out loud when I read “I moseyed back into my office” That was cute because I sometimes use the word too.  Its quirky to read it in a romance novel.

I Am Atlas was great.  I was immersed…beep. Beep-beep.  It’s compelling and very imaginative.  The mysteries of the mind are complex and deep in this story.  Atlas’ passion and love for Gwen will steal your heart and make some body parts tingle too!

I Am Atlas Teaser 3



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About The Author:

Ella Emerson lives in Florida with her husband and three wonderful children. When she isn’t writing you can find her watching movies or playing games with
her children. She loves to read, write and eat pizza. A true lover of the beach, she enjoys the sun, surf, sand and sea. She also is a huge fan of the
cinema and enjoys crazy 80’s chick flicks. She was raised a military brat, and has seen her fair share of the world. She loves using her own experiences
and turning them into lovely romantic tales.

In high school she discovered her love for reading, and even had one of her poems published in a national magazine. She continues to read, write, review
and hopefully she can become an inspiration to her own children, as well as others.



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