☆★☆Rock Star by Tabitha Levin: Review☆★☆

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Rock Star
A Rockstar Romance
Author: Tabitha Levin
Publication Date: October 21, 2015

Rock Star


Just another notch on his studded rock star belt?
Journalist Lauren Miller never gets involved with the talent. Not even when they are as hot as the lead singer of The Soft Burns, Stark Stone. Except when Stark ends up in her hotel room naked, she’s not going to knock back that gift. No one has to know, it’ll be one night.

Stark can’t get the fiery journalist out of his head. First there’s the sex – oh god, the sex. No wonder he can’t concentrate on his career. The guys will understand, he has needs and Lauren fulfils every one of them. Except things are getting serious and rock stars don’t do serious. It’ll ruin his reputation and maybe his sanity as well. He’ll have to break it off before someone gets hurt. If he can.

Rockstar Review

4 KINK Review

Let’s have a moment of celebration for The Slow Burns! Don’t know who there are? That’s okay – I didn’t know either until I picked up Rock Star by Tabitha Levin.

Imagine combining two awesome experiences…a front row seat at the hottest concert plus a relaxing stay at a hotel with an awesome room upgrade….together in one night. It’s the ideal basis for a sexy rock star romance.

By some crazy circumstance rock star Stark Stone, lead singer of Slow Burns, ends up in Lauren Miller’s hotel room naked as Christmas. Do you yell and shout “Get out”? Oh. Hell. No!! You take him for a ride (pun intended). What starts out as the “best sex in my life” quickly turns into secret “hookups” .

“I want to see you. The Four Seasons LA, room 1023. Come tonight.”

Lauren is enjoying the sex and accepts what it is ~ just casual hookups. Besides, she has a reputation to uphold and does not want it known she sleeps with the talent. Meanwhile, Stark is having a hard time forgetting the sexy redhead journalist. It  doesn’t gel with his bad boy rock star image when he constantly wants to spend his nights with Lauren.

However, trouble is brewing on the horizon. Their secret may not remain hidden when you have bandmate problems, a sick mother and a jackass for a boss.

This a secret gem waiting to be discovered and devoured. If you like your rock stars a little arrogant with a heart of gold, this is the one. Stark will leave you singing his praises.

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Romance author, Tabitha Levin, is a city girl who dreams of living by the beach. She likes hot coffee, vampires named Eric Northman, and thrift shopping for vintage finds.

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