🍂🍂The Biggest Stage (Willow Son #1) by Karolyn James: Rock Star 3.5KINK Review🍂🍂


The Biggest Stage
Series: The Brothers of Rock – Willow Son
Author: Karolyn James

Publication Date: July 28, 2015

Biggest Stage WSHis first kiss dried her tears. His second rocked her world…

Dropped from the label, desperate to get signed and get back on the road, lead singer of Willow Son – Colby – will do anything to make things right. Looking for some good karma, he gives up his hotel room to a woman who needs a place to crash. It’s only one night, the kind of thing he’s used to. Plus, she’s beautiful, exactly what he needs to take his mind off his rocky rockstar career.

When Tessa travels to the next city, as her sales job requires, she can’t focus on anything but the rockstar that is lingering on her lips. She finds it insane to think anything with Colby was real – and that it could happen again.

That is until Colby and Tessa meet up once more – hundreds of miles away from their first hot kiss.

A third encounter with the sexy lead singer leaves Tessa wondering what’s happening… is it fate? Or something else?

Tessa thought kissing a rock star was crazy. She’s about to find out what happens when one falls for you.

Rockstar Review

The Brothers of Rock are back! On deck is Willow Son and its lead singer, Colby.  Willow Son has been dropped from their label.  It’s a mystery why since the band is soooo successful with its fan base.  I am still trying to figure that part out.

Colby and his band mates want to make music. They need a record label to promote their music and get them back on the road.  It’s during this time Colby sees a beautiful woman outside his hotel in tears.  Those tears draw him.  He comes to her rescue after a reservation mix-up and gives up his room for the night, with no strings attached.  The next day she is gone.  And Colby is left wondering “who was this beautiful woman with the Pretty Eyes”

As it happens, fate draws them together again. Tessa, aka Pretty Eyes, finds herself in the same cities with Willow Son.   The first time it’s a fluke.  The second time it must be Fate hooking up with Cupid to bring these lovebirds together.

It’s a fun rock star romance that hits the mark.  It’s a sexy romantic story.   It has all the trappings I crave:  Tessa becomes Colby’s muse for new music. It has tabloid dark secrets; groupies hating THE ONE that caught the sexy singer’s heart.  I love this.  The only critique I am left with: the pet name “Pretty Eyes” becomes a bit excessive.  Just once, I wanted Colby to call her Tessa.

3.5 KINK Review

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USA TODAY/NY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Karolyn James has seen massive success since the launch of her rockstar romance series, Brothers of Rock.

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In October 2013, as part of a boxed set, All Access (Chasing Cross Book One)(A Brothers of Rock Novel) hit both the NY Times & USA Today bestsellers lists! And right now, All Access (Chasing Cross Book One) (A Brothers of Rock Novel) is FREE for Kindle!

Under the pen name London Casey, the MC romance series Back Down Devil MC has seen the top of the romantic suspense charts!

2015 has brought some MAJOR news: BROTHERS OF ROCK is continuing with a “double-header” … first is GONE BY AUTUMN and then WILLOW SON!

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