Safer With You by Trisha Madley: Release Day Blitz + Excerpt

Title: Safer With You
With You Series, Book One
Author: Trisha Madley
Release Date: Oct 27, 2015
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Nora Skye has always been trusting and loyal but when her boyfriend, Luke, becomes distant and secretive, he leaves her with no other choice than to spy on him. 
When Luke learns of what she has done, he discards her, forcing her to move back into her parent’s house.
Upon her arrival, she attends her sister’s wedding, where she meets the sexy, charismatic, and outrageously out of her league Jase Madsyn.
She knows his reputation, the mystery that surrounds him but that doesn’t stop her from experiencing the best night of her life.
Until the unthinkable happens.
With no memory of what happened to her, she finds both Jase and Luke at her side, vowing to keep her safe. 
Could the man she chooses to keep her safe also be the man responsible for her pain? 
She rounds the couch with her eyes still focused down at the garment bag and shoe box in her hands, not paying any attention to me, but I can’t take my eyes off of her. A beautiful brunette wearing a fluffy pink robe walks toward me. She’s trying to juggle everything in her hands, and hasn’t looked at me yet.
So glad you made it, I was beginning to wor…” Finally, her eyes meet mine. Damn. Beautiful brown eyes strike me and her bags and boxes crash to the floor.
Pulling my shit together, I bend down and help her pick them up. She doesn’t say a word. “Let me help. After all, I’m the one who’s late and causing all this ruckus.” Ruckus, who the hell says ruckus anymore? What the hell is wrong with me?
Nora is still staring at me, her pink full lips slightly open and her big brown eyes wide, no blinking, yet. Maybe she likes what she sees? I know I do.
Nora’s petite, I can’t see her exact curves under that robe, but I can tell she’s built. Her brown hair has highlights and is up in some sort of twist. Her cheeks are stained the perfect shade of red, maybe from embarrassment. Never have I felt so…I don’t even know how to explain it.
Trisha lives in a small Pennsylvania town with her two beautiful daughters, and husband. She loves reading, writing, and daydreaming. 


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