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Dying for a Bite
by Marie Booth
Publication Date: August 3, 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Paranormal, Romance

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Estelle’s a sweet Southern girl with lots of spirit but low self-esteem when it comes to her very curvy body. When she’s seduced and bitten by two of the sexiest, most desirable vampires in Shortfalls, Georgia, her sexuality’s coming alive for the first time. Thanks to the two sexy hunks she’s living with, she discovers her erogenous zones are her favorite highway to heaven. Could un-life get any better?

Nathaniel enjoyed seducing bloody gorgeous Estelle, but when her charms worked their magic on him, he lost control and bit her. Now he’s her maker, responsible for her training. While he plans to enjoy every minute of Estelle’s sexual instruction, particularly sharing her with the love of his life, Maurice, Maurice is not as enthusiastic.

When Estelle intrudes on his perfect life with Nathan, Maurice is not happy. Sure, the woman’s body is easy to arouse and enjoy–he has to admit–but he’s now determined to take back control. The fangs are coming out and so are the cuffs.

But when danger strikes their nest in the form of a rival gang, Estelle, Nathaniel and Maurice learn they’re bound together by more than sex and blood.

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What happens when Twilight meets Fifty Shades meets True Blood?

Estelle Podunk (yes, that’s her name) is a southern girl from Georgia with curvy body issues. She has a not so great boyfriend who seeks only his sexual pleasure rather than hers. However, she finds herself wanting to marry him.  She makes an appointment at the Biteable Bride bridal shop to purchase her dream wedding gown.  She hopes this will convince Hal, to propose to her. Who does that right?  She is buying a wedding dress and have not received a proposal. Wishful thinking on her part, for sure.


She meets the owner, Maurice Verlaine and his partner Nathaniel Martel.  Nate is her wedding consultant, a sexy hot alpha male who she can’t deem to undress before.   However, he seduces her into accepting his help with purchasing the perfect dress.  He begins his seduction to help her with her self-esteem issues and to show her she deserves someone better than her deadbeat boyfriend.  If only her family sitting in the lounge area knew about the orgasms taking place between each fitting!


What Estelle doesn’t realize, she has walk into the wedding shop own by two vampires who have been together as lovers for 215 years.  The wedding shop is a great opportunity for them to check out every bride who schedules an appointment to decide if they would be a potential blood donor.   Nate is very taken with Estelle and accidental bites her during The Spring Equinox. This is a rare time that guarantees to create a new born if she drinks the vampire’s blood.

Weeks later, Estelle shows up on their doorstep explaining how she has cravings to bite random strangers and blistering when out in the sun.  Unbeknownst to Maury, Nate has a special attraction toward Estelle.  He immediately wants to help her transition safely into a functionally vampire by agreeing to guide her for the next 2 years.  Her thirst to kill for blood is most prevalent in that time frame.  Because Maury loves Nate and wants Nate to be happy he unwilling accept their new family member into the fold. 


Estelle begins a journey into a ménage relationship which creates issues with Nate and Maury.  Maury is more of an outsider while Nate is falling for Estelle.  While I preferred the ménage relationship to be equal amongst all three of them, each relationship had a different dynamic.  At times it was Maury and Estelle or Nate and Estelle.  This creates jealousy and feelings of alienation.  Not recipes for a perfect ménage relationship.  They just have to find a balance.  On the road to a happily ever after, Estelle, Nate and Maury encounter many obstacles.  As quickly as these obstacles appear, they are quickly resolve. If you like your angst quickly sewn up with a ribbon while moving to the next one, this book provides that for you as a reader.  I prefer my angst to linger for many chapters as opposed to three of four quickies. 

Dying For A Bite have three things I love:  Vampires, Ménage and Erotica.   The vampire dynamic creates solutions to options we are familiar with. Just like we learn that vampires sparkle in the sun (hint hint wink wink) we learn some new tricks in this story as well.  The threesome sex scenes are very well written.   It’s juicy and clever; does not disappoint.

I was gifted this book by the author in exchange for an honest review for Mile High KINK Book Club.   
3.5 KINK Review

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About Marie Booth


Marie enjoys writing, reading, music, theatre and hiking. She’s a California native who shares her life with two kids, two cats and hundreds of fantasy characters.

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