Both of Her by Alisa Mullen & Kathy Coopmans : Cover Reveal

Both of Her

Alisa Mullen and Kathy Coopmans

Release Date:  October 12, 2015

Both of Her Front Cover

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Release Party: October 12th

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Luca West is a partner at a prominent Chicago marketing company. Luca, otherwise known as Lucia Westwood, is an unconventional escort, choosing to accept gifts and sex as her payment.

Introduced to an extravagant lifestyle by a pilot when she was a freshman at NYU over a snowed in Christmas week, she never got over her penchant for lavish weekend getaways. While she can afford the gifts and the perks that come with those weekends, the company of the beautiful and successful men is priceless.

That is until…

Luca’s world meets Lucia’s men on one disastrous day. Neither part of her knows what to do. While she is praying that her image as a powerhouse professional won’t be tainted and she lives the nightlife she loves, both of her will find her true self.

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Cover Design:  Designs by Dana Designs by Dana

COVER MODELS:  Dustin Adams   Model Tessi Le’Anne Model Tessi Le’Anne

*Photo by Kelsey Keeton of K. Keeton Designs: KKEETONDESIGNS

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