4KINK Review: Illusive ( Storm MC #6) by Nina Levine

PERSONAL DOSSIER87422-11880440_1742973579263432_2638555980392625474_n

NAME: Michael Hawkins

ALIAS: Griff

WORK: Vice President of Storm MC

FAMILY:  Parents tortured and murdered.

INTEREST: To protect the only family he has (STORM MC) and stay away from Sophia Barnes.

Griff Hawkins can borrow my panties any day!

Griff has been betrayed by his previous girlfriend.  Because of that betrayal, he chooses to devote his time and energy into his club.  He does not date which equates to one-night stands.  He meets a woman at the local bar that throws him for a loop but takes one look at her and sees she is not a woman who does casual.  Therefore, he decides to wash his hands of it and keep moving.

Sophia Barnes has been betrayed and abandon by her mother which has left her searching for love and acceptance.  It’s those self-esteem issues that draws her to Griff.  But she realizes, he is not the relationship type.  She is not the one night stand type.   She wants to be loved and made to feel special, not discarded the next morning.   There lies the rub.

Their foreplay outside the bedroom was like water waiting to boil in a kettle.    While you are watching and waiting for the heat to kick in, you get to witness the attraction.  Because of the slow process, Jodie, Griff’s aunt, decides to kick start the matchmaking process.   As you are reading, you find yourself saying “Come on, someone needs to make the first move” And who makes that first move:  Sophia.  Partly because she has no filter when it comes to expressing her feelings and emotions.  That may very well be the reason why Griff is drawn to her.  He sees a woman who won’t keep secrets.  She sees a man who is capable of loving again.

However, you know you are in for a sexy hot ride when Griff sees Sophia for the first time and thinks:

 “A neck I could wrap my hands around.

Wrists I could decorate with rope.

An ass I could paint red with my palm.”

The sex was mind-blowing.   As the DOM and alpha male comes out to play, Sophia is all for it!   The description of the sex scenes leave no doubt that Griff has great oral skills.  It was hot and intense.  This tall, built and dangerous man can do a lot with a lady’s panties!  And still manages to change a light bulb.  Ahhh, the perfect man!

Nina Levine does not neglect the drama of the club for the sake of throwing in some hot, sweaty romance.   She captivates you with the backdrop of the Storm’s business dealings.   I like the fact she did not gloss over or try to downplay the activities that take place within the Storm organization.   Obviously, Griff has learn to compartmentalize his life within and outside of the club.  Someone is trying to pull Storm back into the drug trafficking business. Plus, Griff’s past with the Bond Family is threatening his life and his association with the club.    He is torn between the love for his club and his desire to keep his secret.  A secret which could possibly end with him being kicked out.

I received an advance reader copy for a honest review

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