Blog Tour & Review: Beg for Mercy~a dark conclusion by Lucian Bane


Title: Beg For Mercy ~A Dark Conclusion

Author: Lucian Bane

Release Date: August 18, 2015

Genre: Dark Erotica, Erotic Thriller

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BFM Cover


The fight is on in this installment, Mercy is holding nothing back in her endeavor to prove to Sade he can experience love and pleasure. Sade, however has other plans and his darkness is front and center in them.

Meanwhile, Father Abraham is still on the loose with a score to settle with them all and no one is safe from his wrath.

Will love conquer all in this story? Can the heart really be used to recondition the brain? Find out what happens in this Dark Conclusion.


Finally, the wait is over.  I could not wait and did not want it to end for this trilogy.  Talk about dark, powerful and intense. This journey into the world of sadomasochism is not the romanticized version we love to read in our hot alpha male characters.

Our journey continues with a celebration on a beach.  The dark and dangerous past of Father Abraham is still lurking in the shadows.  Sade is on the brink of possibly working with his idol, Kane Kross.  However, this story belongs to Mercy.

 “Wellll, they don’t call me Mercy for nothing, you know”

Mercy is still the same ball busting Wing Chun Kung Fu lady warrior.  She has been trained by the best ~ her father.   Her love for Sade still leaves her trying to “heal his sexuality”. She is still determine to help him associate pleasure without pain.  This time around her therapy sessions consist of 4 hour sessions each night according to the new contract drawn up.  She pleads with Sade for the chance to help; he agrees with the terms based on the condition he would walk away once it fails.  He is willing to give up the one thing he wants and need more than his life to protect Mercy ……LOVE.

The therapy does have some rather painful drawbacks.  Sade finally gets a real taste of the lady warrior who can kick his a**.  Sade finally gets the beat down he deserves.  And it’s without remorse that I cheer Mercy on.  Even through all her fail attempts, it’s amazing to see how Mercy refuses to give up.  At one point as a reader, I thought to myself “I’m done, get you’re your sh** together. I’m outta here’ and put the story away.  However, I couldn’t, it had me enthralled.  I had to find out how much torture could these two endure before their HEA, if any.  Because at one point, I am questioning if this is a Happily Ever After series?  The author has a way of not giving you what you want when you want it.

The warning for this series is very much justified.   For me, those warnings equal MUST BUY.  There is very much shades of sexual violence present.  Throughout all the darkness of the story, the author still manages to make you feel sympathetic to Sade. There are some dark and intense violent scenes. I want to NOT like him, but he still manages to pull at your heart strings with some sweet moments.   Don’t be surprise when you find yourself Laughing Out Loud (LOL) .  There are moments when you cannot help but laugh at the lady warrior who throws around the F-bomb like its candy.

As I read the final chapters, I am left thinking of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction: “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.”   It’s a perfect metaphor for the story.

Finally, you ready for the HEA.  And then you run into a  WTF! Just Happen wall.  Its hits you in between the eyes.  Oh yeah, you must read this book.  For me, Mercy endured so much trauma and manages to come through it tough as nails.   SHE ROCKS BIG TIME!!!

I leave this review with some of my favorite quotes to show how much I really enjoyed this read

  1. “Did he go to get the food or go plant it and watch it grow, stupid fcuker!”
  2. “This is not some….sacred tunnel to the third heaven that you’ve trespassed”
  3. “You’re the slut here. You tell me Mr. Fcuk-a-thoner. How does that work?!”
  4. “I am so tired of begging your sorry ass, chasing your sorry ass down, tying your sorry ass up.”



Mature audiences only

Heat throbbed in his muscles as he made his way to the house. “Yeah, you’re excused,” Kane muttered behind him, low laughter in his voice.

With every step toward Mercy, his body tensed with wild urges. Flashes of her naked body accompanied his search on the lower floor. A sheen of sweat covered him as he took the stairs slowly, quietly, two at a time. Terror set his pulse at a furious thunder as the animal inside got ready to play. But there was something unfamiliar about it. The thing inside wanted to hunt. Wanted to terrify. It wanted to trap and capture. Sade’s breath became ragged with the urges burning him.

He fought the devils in his mind with every step he took. But he could feel the new depth he crept around in. The new layer of sick just below the old one. Fuck. Where it came from, what and why, wasn’t important in that second. It was what would it ask of him? Demand of him?

Reaching the landing of the second floor, the answer to that question sang with a deadly hum in his blood. It sang irrelevant. It’s alllllll irrelevant, Sade. Because there was no turning back now. His body moved stealthily, right through the turmoil in his muscles as he fought to negotiate and beg for a safe balance.

He slowly opened her bedroom door and peeked in. God, fuck. She was naked. Face down on the bed, inciting a riot in his already unstable body. Unmoving, he waited for his body to clue him in on its intentions. He carefully closed the door and locked it then made his way to her bed, stifling the hungry grunt that fought to escape at seeing her naked like that. Felt like forever that he’d let himself look at her. And now, that brutal denial was kicking his ass, making him work for his oxygen.

He approached from the left side of the bed and let his eyes get their hungry fill. Slowly. She was splayed out, arms extended at both sides, one leg partially off the bed like she’d nearly missed when collapsing onto it. Why had she gotten naked? Jealousy made his cock ache and he slowly removed his t-shirt, wanting to savor every second of what he was doing. All night. At least he hoped whatever had a hold insisted he go all night. He was past the point of caring about how far he might go and what he might do, he just cared that he was doing it. Finally. Finally he’d have his Mercy, he’d have the fuck out of her. And the rest… well, he’d deal with that devil when he reached that fiery crossroad.

Sade removed his pants next, his eyes on her succulent ass. At that moment, his cock jerked with an undeniable need and hunger. To be buried in that tight heat. He let his groan go, not caring about silence.

He walked slowly to the other side of the bed, waiting for his body to tell him what he’d do first. His heart hammered as desires for too many things scrambled for his selection. He wanted everything. He wanted it slow and fast, soft and so very fucking hard.

He paused next to the bed. What if she didn’t cooperate?

The thought brought a slow burning in his muscles, telling him how he’d handle that. He’d have it. That’s all he knew, that’s all he allowed himself to know. And if it triggered other things… he’d deal with it. Either way, he was going to explore what crawled through his blood.

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“So very fucking good,” he whispered, opening his mouth wide and sucking on her inner thigh with a deep groan, pulling with the same intensity that he stroked her core with.

“Please, don’t stop, don’t’ stop!” She bowed off the bed and he pulled his fingers out and shoved them in his mouth. “Fucking pussy,” he moaned eating her off him with lusty grunts. “Fuck, I’m going to make you scream,” he gasped, grabbing her hips roughly and yanking that hot silk onto his open mouth.

“Oh Jesus,” she strained, shuddering.

Holding her ass in a brutal grip he sucked and nibbled all over, growling with her every shudder and tremble in his hands and under his mouth. He delivered chaotic flicks of his tongue on the tip of her clit until his name was a constant plea, and she was right at orgasm.

He pulled away, his breaths quaking as he thrust his cock onto the bed, ready to fucking come, but even more ready to deny himself. But not her, though. Mercy needed to take whatever he wanted to give her.


Mercy had gone from drunk to nearly sober in five minutes. God, she needed him. And it was as barbaric as it was pathetic. And yet it wasn’t just for her that she needed, it was for him. Seven days she’d been feeling his need and pain. She knew he was dealing with some dark issues. She wanted to help him process because she remembered things. A lot of things. She remembered the techniques her dad taught for overcoming her own abuse. And she wanted to show him how, but he never gave her one opening, not one. And a week of that hell turned her into somebody she’d never remembered being. Angry. Livid. Because she felt so useless and fucking helpless.

And now, a half-starved man lay between her half-starved legs and all she could think was don’t stop. Her body had its own needs that had nothing to do with therapy. Fuck Sade. That was all the therapy she could think of, that was the only therapy there was, only therapy they really needed, she was sure.

But it was his hunger that served as a very thin tether to her common sense. The fact that his needs were overwhelming, reminded her of what lurked inside. She could hear it in his voice, feel it in his body. He was on the verge of snapping and she didn’t know what might break free and take control of him. And God help them both, she couldn’t forget what was at the end of his rope—his demons. His insatiable, cruel demons. They wanted pain and suffering—for their host and anyone they could reach through him. Her in this case. All she had to remember in the throes of ecstasy was to not become his demon’s chew toy. He’d hate himself, and eventually resent her for allowing him. Not to mention, that darkness inside would gain more hold of him. There was no bottom to the stomach of that monster, you were only hungry, never satisfied. Always eating, never getting full, taking what you think you needed, only to find that your appetite had grown. Again.

But in that second, he was bent on her pleasure. God, was he ever bent on her pleasure. It took everything she had not to let go of the bed and latch her fingers in his hair and grind his face onto her clit until she had that explosion he dangled just out of her reach.

He thrust his tongue in her again and she bucked her hips, bringing her clit in perfect contact with his nose. So close. “Don’t stop, please Sade.”

She wanted to scream and demand it, but he wanted her begging. She’d give him that much for now, because she’d damn well have her turn with him. He needed to learn how to suffer properly. At the command of her hands, her lips and tongue. And she couldn’t wait to force the issue.

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