On Sale: Dare to Win (Sex, Sin and Secrets Book 1) by R G Williamson & Phoebe Parkes

Today, we are excited to share Dare to Win by R G Williamson & Phoebe Parkes, is currently available for $0.99 for the next three (3) days.  Add this #mustread to your #TBR list.




It’s simple really, I like to win. At work, to win cases. At leisure, to win woman.

Winning women rarely takes much to get what I’m after – sex and lots of it. They fall for me quicker than a whore’s knickers. No joke, ask my mate George.

I can’t help it, it’s my magnetism. I smile, they swoon, I shag them and move on. No relationship equals no complications. Well, not often.

Then I met Miss West, and winning became even more important.


I thought my last partner was it for me. It turns out he had other ideas. The result is, I now find myself constantly thinking will I ever find my Mr Right and get to live out my dream.

Then I meet Mr Dare, he’s absolutely everything I’m not looking for and yet I am completely drawn to him. He is an egotistical, womanising, charmer and I should run for the hills. The trouble is I can’t. I am fighting the attraction but losing to his ardent force.

I wonder more and more at what Mr Dare means to me and what I might possibly mean to him.

In case you miss….. Dare to Change ( Sex, Sin and Secrets Book 2) is coming August 24th.

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