4 out of 5 kinks Review: Beg for Mercy… a dark conclusion by Lucian Bane

Title: Beg for Mercy
Author:  Lucian Bane
Released:  August 18, 2015


The fight is on in this installment, Mercy is holding nothing back in her endeavor to prove to Sade he can experience love and pleasure. Sade however has other plans and his darkness is front and center in them.

Meanwhile, Father Abraham is still on the loose with a score to settle with them all and no one is safe from his wrath.

Will love conquer all in this story? Can the heart really be used to precondition the brain? Find out what happens in this Dark Conclusion.


Finally, the wait is over.  I was waiting for this conclusion to such a powerful and intense story.  I took such a journey into this  dark world of sadomasochism.  This was no Romanized version.

Our journey continues with a celebration on a beach.  The dark and dangerous past is still lurking in the shadows.  Sade is on the brink of possibly working with his idol, Kane Kross.

 “Wellll, they don’t call me Mercy for nothing, you know”

Mercy is still the same ball busting wing- chun  lady warrior.  Her love for Sade still leaves her trying to “heal his sexuality”.  This time around her therapy sessions consist of 4 hour sessions each night according to the new contract written. Once again, she pleads to help Sade; he agrees with the terms based on the condition he would walk away once it fails.  He is willing to give up the one thing he wants and need more than his life to protect Mercy ……LOVE.

The therapy does have some rather painful drawbacks.  Sade finally gets to see the real lady warrior who can really kick his a**.  Even through all the fail attempts, it’s amazing to see how Mercy refuses to give up.  She is one tough lady!  At one point as a reader, I thought <<Done, get your sh** together I’m outta here>> and give up on the story.  But, it keeps you enthralled. I had to find out how much more torture these two endure before their  HEA.   Through all the darkness of sexual violence, the author still manages to make you feel sympathetic to Sade.  I want to NOT like him, but he still manages to pull out some sweet moments.

The warning is justified. There are some dark and intense violent scenes.  With that being said, don’t be surprise when you find yourself Laughing Out Loud (LOL).  Our lady warrior lightens the mood of the story throwing around the F-bombs like its candy.

As I read the final chapters, I am left thinking of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction: “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.”   It’s a perfect metaphor for the ending.

Just when you turn the pages to read about the Happily Ever After, you run into a what. The. Fcuk.  wall that hits you in between your eyes.

I leave this review with some of my favorite quotes to show how much I really enjoyed this read:

  • “Did he go to get the food or go plant it and watch it grow, stupid fcuker!”
  • “This is not some….sacred tunnel to the third heaven that you’ve trespassed”
  • “You’re the slut here.  You tell me Mr. Fcuk-a-thoner. How does that work?!”
  •  “I am so tired of begging your sorry ass, chasing your sorry ass down, tying your sorry ass up.”


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