When It’s Love by Emma Lauren

Professor Sparling, sexiest man alive, is a famous author and writing teacher. He sends Sydney a suggestive email after she reveals her dark secret in a personal essay. Thrilled with her professor’s attention, Sydney rWhen's its loveeplies seductively and an erotic online affair begins.

Sydney tells her hot and wealthy best friend, Henry, about her passion for her professor. He, in turn, encourages her to sink deeper into the torrid virtual relationship until more than just words are being exchanged.

When It’s Love is a contemporary romance full of passion, smoldering sex, and suspense. It’s much more than a boy meets girl college romance story. The characters are real, raw, and desperate. Sydney is desperate to be in Professor Sparling’s arms. Henry is desperate to know Sydney’s secret.

How far will they go to get what they want? Who gets hurt along the way, and who gets off?


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