Chicago by AJ Harmon *•.★4KINK Review★•*

4 out of 5 Stars – No Kinkery


This book was gifted to me by the author for a honest review

A coffee date does not a relationship make. How do you explain to your family that you have found the perfect woman to perhaps marry and have a family?   .

Alex Beaumont, from Charleston, flies to Chicago to visit his sister, Charlie.  Tanner, Charlie’s husband, is helping Alex to finalize a real estate deal to sell some of this family’s property in Charleston to build a resort and spa.  While visiting, he becomes a victim of crime. Two detectives, Mia and Smith, investigates to help retrieve his most prize possession. He spends time with Mia helping to solve the case.

Meet Mr. Alex Beaumont, southern gentlemen extraordinaire. He is considerate with excellent manners. He value traditions and family. He believes in taking care of the women in his life. What a gentlemen!  If you are looking for an honest to goodness, totally romantic story that you can give to your 16 year old to read…you have found it.  What a tear jerker! I was literally in tears of happiness how Alex expressed his feelings to Mia.  I had so much pinned up emotion while reading this book. And the HEA made the flood gates open wide.   It was like the characters where people I knew from next door.

Fate brings them together again after spending some weeks apart. He is given an opportunity to test the waters with her in determining how she might feel toward him.  After all, they have not interacted with each other outside the police investigation.  Mia doesn’t want to have a relationship, because she believes every one she cares about eventually dies. It is so loving how Alex wants to take care of Mia.  And in that moment, Mia realizes maybe she has the opportunity to be happy.

The characters in the story were very well developed.  The author, AJ Harmon, introduce the characters as if you were watching a television show panning from one person’s daily life to the other.  This is the first time I have read character development like that and it was beautiful.   Every character was given a story.  The book was essentially about Alex, Bess (his mother) Charlie (his sister) Tanner (her husband), Mia and her partner Smith.

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