Why we hate Spoiler Alerts

Spoiler alerts are very rare in the romance genre.  It’s a basic formula:  boy meets girl, boy ties girl up, boy kiss other girl,gabriels-inferno boy lose tied up girl and boy gets tied up girl back. Happy Ever After! tada ♥♥ That’s it!  It’s the ohs, lols and OMGs in the middle that we crave.  I have friends who crave the spoiler alert and I have others who want the spoiler alert and demands you do NOT share it at the same time.  That’s me, I fall in the last category.   I basically want to ask who, what, when, where and why out loud but don’t you dare give me the answer.

Now I cringe at spoiler alerts. I blame the lady in NYC while standing in 20 degree cold freezing weather at Rockefeller Center Plaza.  We were waiting to win tickets to the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY fan viewing (yeah we got them, that’s for another blog later).  We started talking and sharing other book boyfriends we love and can’t wait to read.

My MUST MUST READ list includes the Gabriel’s Inferno series. I have Book 1 on audible.  But I should have told her, I only read (listen) book 1.  Before I can share that bit of news, she spills a curious aspect of the character Gabriel Emerson. Now, I am thinking about what the drop of information could possibly mean to the storyline.  The wheels are turning in my head.   I’m am totally hurt.  I am almost weeping.  OMG, I can’t believe she told me that!

At this moment, I still have not read Book 2 and Book 3.  I am afraid I know the big “spoiler.” A spoiler I wish I did not have spinning in my subconscious. I pretend I don’t know what the book is about now.  However, deep down I know.  I know what the surprise is.  Even when I replay book 1 I listen for clues.

In closing, if you have not read the Gabriel’s Inferno series, you need to.  But I suggest you do not tell your book besties.  They may accidently tell you the spoiler.  Read it in secret and fall into the world of Julia and Gabriel. As of right now,  I know what I think I know but who knows if that’s what I really know.  GOT IT?

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