All Your Reasons by Nina Levine ***4KINK REVIEW***

ALL YOUR REASONS by Nina Levine ***REVIEW***

Cliffhanger alert BE THE ONE Book #2 is available now

4 out of 5 Kinks!

This is a great introduction to a sexy hot rocker that breaks all the Rock star stereotypes.   It’s told from alternating POVs.  What I like most about the book, is the easy read.  I enjoyed the dialogue between Jett and Presley. It’s witty, charming, sexy and hot.

Presley Hart, a photographer, is trying to pick up the pieces from a broken relationship.  All she wants is to be the most important part of a man’s life.  She meets Jett Vaughn, lead singer of CRAVE, without knowing he is a famous rock star. It’s very ironic considering her situation. (No spoiler here)

What woman does not want to be with a man who delays a one night stand to help her friend?   Clue #1 he is a good guy.  Jett Vaughn, is all kinds of sweet, generous, kind and sexy.  And for once, he has to chase the girl.  He looks at Priestly with such want and need, she can’t help but fall for him.  Even during sex, he is totally focus on her.  Presley insists she doesn’t date rockers.  For every reason she tells herself it will be casual fling, Jett knocks it down.  There is something that makes him different.

The book does end with a cliffhanger! However at the time of this review, I am so happy I can purchase Be the One: Crave Book 2.

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