4KINK Review: Pitching For Amalie by Hayley Faiman


My rating: 4 out of 5 Kinks!!

For the love of baseball!  This a great read! The cover made me buy the book.  Amalie and Jarrod’s sweet hot romance keep me up past bedtime to finish it.

Amalie is a 6th feet tall ultrasound technician living with her best friend and roommate Jo.    One night, she meets a tall, sexy guy in the VIP room at a local club.  Then she leaves the club before she learns anything about him.  But she doesn’t forget the “mystery” guy who made her feel feminine and vulnerable, especially while being sensitive about her height and curves.  So, to capitalize on that hot duo,   she indulges in a “hobby” as a pinup model.

A few days later, he calls her out of the blue and takes her out on a date.  The next thing you know she is dating “mystery” man with the red Ferrari and NYC penthouse apartments.  He introduces her to his “colleagues” and takes her to work with him.  Who takes the girl you dating to work with you? She wonders.  Turns out Mr. Mystery Man, Jarrod, is a professional baseball player. Amalie does not follow sports and has no idea what a big deal Jarrod is in the sports world.

The story is very romantic; the sex is very HOT! Everything Jarrod throws, in and out of the bedroom, has a lot of heat behind it.  He is a guy who wants to introduce her to his friends and family.  He is the perfect guy to protect and love her.  The romance is very beautiful with elements of suspense.  I hope to see more Boys of Summer romances from this new author.

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