Say My Name by J KENNER **4KINK REVIEW**

My rating:  4 out of 5 Kinks

No one can create damaged characters like J Kenner.  In the first Stark Trilogy, we are introduced to the heroine who physically harms herself.  In the Stark International Trilogy, while not as extreme, this heroine finds her own therapy to cope with her dark past, in a physical way too.

Second Stark International TrilogyChance romances are not my preferred read. I do not like treading through pages of history.  So while reading I told myself, this is J Kenner writing though.  She is one of my favorite authors.    After finishing the book, I am ready and excited to see how the story twists, turns and intertwines.   I realize I have to understand Jackson and Sylvia’s history to understand the angst that will surely follow in books two and three.  And boy, do we get a cliffhanger at the end. For those who can’t get enough of Damien and Nikki (hands clapping) you get to peek into their lives once again.


He is a hot, sexy, alpha male architect.  She is Damien Stark’s top notch assistant.  He is Sylvia’s ticket to the inner sanctum of Stark Real Estate Development.   Too bad they have a romantic past that didn’t end well years ago.  But she needs him.  And she turns to the only person who can help her. Too bad Jackson has no interest in working for Stark International. And he makes damn sure Damien Stark knows it. So what now?

She needs her ex-lover – who most likely does NOT like her, to help her boss – who he most definitely do NOT like, to pull off the ultimate real estate development deal (a family friendly resort on an island).   A project she is responsible for bringing to his attention. She convinces him to take on the project.  He agrees.  In exchange he gets to have her again.  He makes no apologies for expecting her to come to his bed once again in exchange for taking on the project.  But why did she leave him years ago?   Why does he still want her?  Doing business with a little KINK thrown in, they rekindle their affair.  A lot can happen with a $1000 bottle of wine and bowl of caviar.   But who is playing who?  Is she using him to further her career?  Is he using her to exact revenge?  What’s up with all the secrecy?  Someone is trying to sabotage Damien’s deal; Sylvia’s past wiggles its ugly head again.

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