5KINK Review: Sweet Ache by K. Bromberg★•*•.★Review★•*•.★


My rating: 5 out of 5 KinksSweet Ache (Driven, #6)

Sweet Ache is a delicious book to anyone who appreciates and craves a sexy, hot Rock star Romance. Kristy can serve up a hot rock star romance with the best of them. I HOPE I see more of them from her.
Hawkin Play is a rock star god with a love of the lifestyle. Quinlan aka Q is a graduate student who is used to being around arrogant, self-absorbed alpha males. However she meets a snag in her stereotype when the Rock star God ends up having a heart of gold. Kristy’s gift for “sexed up witty” dialogue between besties continues to provide what I call “BROMBERGisms” to my growing list.

What’s an erotic romance without the hot sex scenes right?! The dialogue makes your heart flutter and your blood tingle. Plus she creates some inventive positions. I had to turn back some pages to re-read the lines and found myself waving my own body parts around to get the perfect picture. However, there was one sexual act I wanted to read. Maybe next time K?

The story left me in a very good place. I was shedding tears of joy and saying to myself “over a damn book” however it’s a very good damn book. To me, when a story starts you with a fantasy and ends with real life hope, that’s a terrific book in my world.

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